Open-Source (Toy) Bluespec Compiler (coded in F-Sharp)

University of Cambridge, CBG-BSV Open-Source (Toy) Bluespec Compiler - Download


Over the Summer of 2018 I fixed a few regressions so the tool works again with the latest version of fsyacc and HPR L/S library.

Open-Source (Toy) CBG-BSV, Bluespec Compiler (coded in F-Sharp)

The compiled binaries (dotnet CIL for mono) of a rough version with a parser can be downloaded from this page. If you would like git access to the source files or to be a code developer please send your bitbucket identifer to DJG in a request by email.

This software is implemented in F Sharp running on linux. It should also work on Windows without change.

To download a current release of this software in source and prebuilt form, please complete a short form with name, affiliation and email address. You will then be taken to a folder where you can select the most recent zip file.

Disclaimers: No assertion of quality or warranty of serviceability is made or implied. No liability for direct or consequential loss is assumed. No warranty against patent infringement is asserted. Bluespec Inc has at least one patent filed.



This page linked from: University of Cambridge, Computer Laboratory: Rudimentary/Toy Bluespec Compiler.