SystemC# -

A runtime library for hardware SoC modelling (like SystemC) for the C# language.

SystemC# will provide an enhanced version of System.Threading for event-driven simulation that supports delta cycles and loosely-timed Transactional Modelling (L/T TLM).

Currently, a toy version with only sc_methods (no sc_threads) is available here. This is being used to debug KiwiC compiler output in the C# framework.

Fetch a very-early, toy version from this link

Q. Why is this different from compiling OSCI SystemC kernel to dotnet ? Afterall, dotnet supports C++ ?
A. Dotnet has a proper reflection API so some things are going to be quite a lot easier. However, C# is strongly typed and a lot of casting would be needed to follow the programming idioms of C++. We ameliorate this by implementing all vectors from 1 to 64 bits with an underlying Int64 type and performing the masking and sign extension for signed in the SystemCsharp runtime.