CBG Residential Broadband Access using ATM

ADSL Modem

1998. I built these G.lite DMT ADSL modems at Virata and they easily achieved 2 Mbps over an 18 kilofeet reel of cable. I did not have any interferers to hand because the cable was all in a giant spool reel in the lab. We also used these cards at BT labs in BTs early DSL trials. The StrongARM was an incredibly fast processor for its time provided the application was CPU bound.

Broadband Radio

The square box above the roof of my house is a prototype ATM radio local loop system designed in Cambridge by Steve Greaves, John Porter and their team. All of the active electronics was housed in the single box with a multicore dropcable to an ATM-25 LAN socket-point in my roofspace. This was then plugged into my home Warren ATM network.

The customer station units connected to antennas at the top of the tower at Addenbrookes Hospital and on the roof of the University Engineering Department.

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