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Mixerton NatureSounds

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Mixerton NatureSounds


Rather than constantly repeating a staticly stored sound loop, this naturesound generator produces a never-repeating nature sequence using on-the-fly mixing of a number of samples that are separately stored. Each sample is relatively short and is stored in uncompressed, high-quality form in Flash ROM. Each sample is played with random volume, pan and repeat count, and at random times. Alongside each sample is stored the basic parameters to adjust these random settings.

One sample is different, it is repeated continuously and provides the background noise (e.g. the bubbling brook). This sample is converted to stereo on the fly by doubletracking with randomly varying time delays and using random LFO modulation of the stereo separation between the two tracks.

All samples are converted to .WAV files before being compiled to produce the Flash image for storing in the unit. These .WAV files can be provided as separate tracks on a CD, separate files on a CD ROM, or by email or web links etc.. Once the files are downloaded into Flash, it is possible to trim their individual parameters using an attached laptop computer and the final settings that are decided on can then be incorporated into other units.

140704 Wave Nature Software and A New Mix 14-Jul-04

This new mix does not have the goose or the repetitive squarky bird. Instead it has two new bird sounds that are more in keeping with the remainder.

I think the main issues for discussion with this mix are the relative volumes of the brook and birds and the overall frequency of the birds. Both values are easily altered. Let me know!

A new player is also included that has a third voice of polyphony and an enhanced triggering algorithm with several different modes that it moves through by itself.

Note that issueing the dot command at the craft port gives a directory of loaded naturesounds and mothers voice recordings.


  • Naturesound memory image IHEX.

  • MP3 example - 8 minutes playing time.

  • Detailed information.

    130604 Wave Nature Software and Initial Souncscape Mix Download

    Use right click and 'save target' if necessary to get these files.

    Here is a recording of the output of the sondrex unit when playing the 130604 mix MP3 8 Mbyte (7-Jul-04).

    The V4.d sondrex/pal software release is here image-130604.hex

    This software has the new wavnat naturesound software and also contains the older mx3 nature sound decoder although I have not checked it. It should key off the loaded waves image as to which decoder to run. The craft port supports a directory command, using '.' as the command letter, that gives detail of the loaded nature sounds.

    The initial mix of the wave nature sounds is here waves-130604.hex. This loads at 0x40000 so has the advantage that it is not obliterated by the flash erase command for the software image, that clears 20000 to 40000 as well. However this is a waste of space and the image can be loaded at 20000 if desired and this will be necessary if we have a longer wave image in future that cannot fit in the flash otherwise. Details of the waves mix are here.

    Perhaps the cuckoo like bird should not be sounding so frequently?

    This is using a short section of the brook that Dallas sent, but the software plays bits of it randomly backwards and forwards (like a zig-zag walk) and with varying stereo separation, so it never repeats and sounds most realistic to me. Another brook sound could easily be used instead if you wish.

    Note that the MP3 format never handles broadband white noise well, such as applause or babbling brooks. To hear an uncompressed version, I can do a .WAV for you if you like, but posting the CD my be less hassle, depending on your download connection speed.

    Demo 1: 10th April 2004

    The demo from the 10th April page is HERE.

    Online Directory of Samples

    A directory of samples is here DIR.

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