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ComputerScience@Corpus: Fellows and Research Associates

Current Computing Fellows

  • Dr. David Greaves.
    Head+Shoulders   The Director of Studies for Computer Science at Corpus is Dr David Greaves. As well as being DoS at Corpus, David is a lecturer at the Computer Laboratory, specialising in chip-design tools and compilers. David has a broad interest in music technology and has founded or been involved with numerous companies (including Silicon Valley). Recently he developed a power estimation tool for integrated circuits. Now he is helping the Cambridge Vet School speed up their genomic processing. For the last five years he also served as the chair of Computer Science Tripos for the whole University. Some milestones in his research career are HERE. David is a member of the IET and, when an undergraduate at Cambridge, was an IET Jubliee Scholar.

    Dr. Ioan Stefanovici (see below) was the most recent Corpus/MSR fellow.

    Dr. Nicholas Chen (see below) was elected as an Corpus/MSR fellow in 2012 and is now Preceptor in Computer Science at Corpus.

  • Martin Kleppmann.
    Head+Shoulders   Martin Kleppmann read Computer Science as an undergraduate at Corpus, worked in startups (including Silicon Valley) for a decade, and then came back. He now conducts research on distributed systems in the Computer Laboratory, and is a preceptor at here at Corpus. In 2017 he published his book Designing Data-Intensive Applications, that has rapidly become one of the best-selling books on database design. He is acting DoS at Corpus for 2018/19.

Previous Computing Fellows

  • Prof. Andy Hopper.
    Head+Shoulders   Andy Hopper (current head of the Computer Laboratory in Cambridge and outgoing President of the IET) in an Honorary Fellow of Corpus and is a past Director of Studies at the College. Andy was one of the original directors of Acorn Computer in Cambridge. Over the years he has started a number of other companies, including ATML/Virata where the original business plan was written jointly with David Greaves and Hermann Hauser.

  • Dr. Christian Urban.
    Head+Shoulders   Christian Urban was a Research Fellow of Corpus reading theoretical computer science. He is now a lecturer in the Department of Informatics at King's College London. He works on logic and proof systems to assure the correctness of computer systems.

Microsoft Research Fellows

Corpus has an ongoing relationship with Microsoft Research Cambridge that establishes a Research Fellow of Corpus who works mainly at Microsoft Labs. As you can see below, they have tended to work in the field of human-computer interaction (including topics such as ubiquitous computing, situated technologies, new genres of communication, tangible computing, sensor-based computing, etc.).

  • Dr. Ioan Stefanovici.
    Head+Shoulders   2016: Ioan Stefanovici is a Postdoctoral Researcher at Microsoft Research. His research interests are primarily in large-scale data centre systems and storage, and his work has examined improving system reliability, controllability, and programmability, as well as reducing the impact of large-scale systems on the environment.

  • Dr. Ewa Luger.
    Head+Shoulders   2014: Ewa Luger was the Microsoft/Corpus Research Fellow from 2014-2016, working in the Human Experience and Design group at MSR. Her work involves consent management systems for healthcare.

  • Dr. Nicholas Chen.
    Head+Shoulders   2012: Nicholas Chen was the Microsoft/Corpus Research Fellow from 2012-2014. He is now preceptor in Computer Science for Corpus Christi and a research engineer at Microsoft Research Cambridge in the Sensors and Devices Group at Microsoft Research. His current research involves creating electronic devices that better capture the qualities of physical tools and interactions. The majority of his work is in support of improving the reading, note-taking and annotation experiences on digital devices.

  • Dr. Helena Mentis.
    Head+Shoulders   2010: Helena Mentis was elected Microsoft/Corpus Research Fellow in 2010. She works within the Socio-Digital Systems (SDS) group at Microsoft Research in Cambridge. Her research focuses on the use and design of information technology for communication and collaboration. She is most interested in the introduction of ICTs in healthcare, emergency management, and other critical domains.

  • Dr. Xiang Cao.
    Head+Shoulders   2008: Xiang now works the Human-Computer Interaction Group at Microsoft Research Asia. His research is in the general field of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), with current focuses being next-generation interaction technologies and digital tools to support creativity. His other interests include computer-supported cooperative activities and user performance modeling.

  • Dr. Lorna (Brown) Wall.
    Head+Shoulders   2006: Lorna is now Senior User Researcher at Sony in User Experience, Human Computer Interaction and User Communities. She has particular expertise in usability for video games and mobile devices. While at Corpus she worked on the (then top-secret) Microsoft Kinekt.

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