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ComputerScience@Corpus: Alumni

Corpus has averaged about two new Computer Science undergraduates each year for the last decade, but there is no strict quota and numbers can fluctuate. On this page we list a few profiles from the recent past.

  • Ishaan Aggarwal
    Head+Shoulders   Undergraduate 2008-11: Ishaan actively participated in several University societies, including being webmaster for the Indian and Hindu societies as well as being a keen cricketer. During his summers at Corpus, Ishaan worked at MetaSwitch, a local company, developing data retrieval tests for their customer AT&T. Ishaan's final-year project implemented automatic filtering of SPAM and advertising SMS messages and was supervised by Dr Andrew Moore of Corpus. Ishaan now works in the technology division of SEO, an investment bank in London.

  • George Wright
    Head+Shoulders   Undergraduate 2006-2009. Now at Mozilla Corporation working as a Platform Engineer optimising and extending the graphics rendering engine used by the Firefox web browser. Previously worked for a startup called Torch Mobile which was acquired by RIM, where he helped build a new browser engine from the ground up for the BlackBerry handheld and tablet computing devices.

    He writes `I thoroughly enjoyed my entire three years at Corpus and Cambridge greatly: there's just nowhere like it in the world!' George also gained a half blue for shooting whilst at Cambridge and has since gone on to represent Canada in the World Championships.

  • Martin Kleppmann
    Head+Shoulders   Undergraduate 2003-06: Martin brought glory to Corpus: he achieved the top first in Computer Science one year and was very close the other two years! His final-year project was awarded 'best dissertation' in its year and was awarded the AT&T prize. Since leaving Corpus, Martin has co-founded two successful startups: Rapportive, which shows social profiles for contacts as you're emailing them, was acquired by LinkedIn in 2012. His previous startup was Go Test It, a service for automatically testing websites in different browsers, which was acquired by Red Gate in 2009.

    He has also composed some musical works, which have been performed on a few occasions.

    He writes `I found my time at Corpus both hugely enjoyable and very beneficial. No coincidence that two of my younger siblings have found themselves at Corpus too.'.


  • Lisa White
    Head+Shoulders   Undergraduate 2001-05: Lisa now lives in Geneva.

  • Matthew Rowen
    Head+Shoulders   Undergraduate 2001-2005: Matt is one of many ex-Corpus computerists who still lives and works in Cambridge. After graduating Matthew worked at Tenison EDA (founded by David Greaves of Corpus) and several other local companies. He specialises in embedded system design and mobile phone software.

  • Rob McQueen
      Undergraduate 2002-05: Rob is CTO and co-founder of Collabora Ltd a Cambridge software consultancy specializing in delivering the benefits of open source to the commercial world. "Collabora combines years of open source software expertise with hard-won experience from working in the mobile and consumer electronics industries. They help clients effectively take open source technologies from the community to real-world consumers, re-using existing components to reduce time to market and focus on product differentiation."

  • Simon Bone
    Head+Shoulders   Undergraduate 1995-99: Simon moved back to the Channel Islands and established the Islands’ first Internet development agency. He subsequently won the CGI Entrepreneur of the year award. Now in London he is involved with a number of ventures, including a start-up accelerator and is soon to launch a political think-tank for furthering digital democracy and citizenship. He has also continued his studies at Oxford University and is soon to embark on a year at Harvard University. He has never programmed in ML since finishing his degree.

Other alumni: if you would like to be linked on this page then do send an update.

Corpus Computerists Club (Cronies): Quite a number of Corpus graduates in Computer Science still live and work in the Cambridge Area (Silicon Fen) and regularly get together for a beer or two, followed by a curry. There is an email list that organises the events (but no Facebook page!) and current undergraduates often participate.

Cambridge Curry Centre Exteriour View

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