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Corpus New Court

ComputerScience@Corpus Christi

Welcome to ComputerScience@Corpus Christi.

This web site is all about Computer Science at Corpus Christi College Cambridge.

'Computer Science (abbreviated CS or CompSci) is the scientific approach to computation and its applications. A computer scientist specialises in the theory of computation and the design of computers or computational systems.' [Wordnet].

Why Computer Science?

Why Cambridge?

Why Corpus Christi?

A degree in Computer Science is one of the most sought-after subjects in the UK and world employment markets.

Computer Laboratory Supporters Fair

The picture above shows departmental annual recruitment fair held in the William Gates Building. There is room for about 50 companies to mount stands, but the event is always oversubscribed. D Greaves of Corpus has been a long-term organiser for the Industrial Supporters Club.
The computing science faculty in Cambridge is known as the Computer Laboratory and is located in the William Gates Building in West Cambridge. The faculty originally built computers that were the size of rooms and retains a strong build-it culture with connections to many local hardware and software companies.
Virata Helium Chip

The picture above shows an IC used in broadband modems designed at a local company founded by two Fellows of Corpus.
Second and third year lectures in Computer Science take place in the William Gates Building. Corpus is located adjacent to the New Museums Site, where first-year lectures are held.
Corpus Clock

The College Taylor Library keeps all of the books recommended by the faculty for specific courses. External funds are available for purchase of specialist books to help with projects and so on. The picture above is the clock outside the library.

Former Computer Science students from Corpus have gone on to various successful careers, including working on popular software such as Mozilla Firefox, starting technology companies, or becoming a university lecturer.

Sky Kung, Edward Ayers and David Greaves in the Eagle Pub- FSharp Lover of Corpus Christi College Cambridge
      Christmas drinks at the Eagle Public House which is next door to (and happens to be owned by) Corpus Christi College. About ten undergraduate computerists from Corpus and nearby Colleges enjoyed the liberal flow of beer. As Computer Science is a fairly small course, with about 130 students per year across all colleges, it is easy to get to know fellow students of the subject from other colleges.

Edward Ayers is giving strong approval for the FSharp language. David Greaves is a keen user but Sky Kang (left) is not quite so sure, having just followed a term's worth of ML material in the Foundations of Computer Science course.

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