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1985 Rag Charity Bed Race

St John's College Bed Race Bed in Kings Parade - designed by David J Greaves and Simon Daft

1982-5: We constructed this "bed" out of a real divan and three moped wheels. It was really fast. It won the race three years running. On the fourth year, a weld failed and the pushing bar at the back came off during the race. After that, it was thrown away.


Flat to Let: Cambridge Accommodation Notice Board at Brett Ward.

How Computers Work - Philosophically Speaking - Some Basic Hardware and Software Design Principles.

System On Chip Design and Modelling: Accelerator Architectures on FPGA.

Corpus Christi Cambridge Computer Scientists.

Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 Block Diagram Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 Signal Flow Block Diagram

Repair of an Audio Technica ATM33a Microphone.

System C# - systemcsharp.com.

Vari-speed CD Player.

Mixerton Deadly Quiet PC Power Supply (PSU).

Presented by John Tidmarsh and judged by Professor Colin Blakemore, Physiology Dept, Oxford University. Heat? Part 2: Greaves: Add-on Digital Oscilloscope Storage Unit. Young Scientist of the Year 2018: Link missing.

Mixerton HiFi Amplifier Balanced Input Addition.

Model Checking a FIFO Queue and LIFO Stack.


TechNotes Blog TechNotes-DJ-Greaves .

TLM POWER 3 Modelling Library Download.

Rocco's Bikes: Specialist Cycle Repairs.

Schematics for Transformer Saturation/Non-Linearity in RND Red Silk Texture Control Shelford Portico Channel.

Mirador Records.

Lockup Sept Showcase.

Mathematics of Music and Sound Technology.

Corpus Christi Cambridge Street Scene Challenge (Quiz).

ControlSurface-Daemon: A Midi Alsa Daemon (linux automap) for Novation ZeRO II and other control surfaces.

Anomometric Instruments.

HPR System Integrator - Muti-FPGA HLS and Interconnection, Automated Floorplanning and Interconnection of IP-XACT Components.

HLS Touchstones

System On Chip Design Patterns (PDF)

Dining Philosophers coded in Bluespec RTL.

Rudimentary/toy Bluespec Verilog Compiler coded in F#.

Corpuscience: Fun with Maths and Computing

Home Shopping - Early experiences and radio broadcast

Low Cost ATM and the ATM Warren.

CBG Pocust Modular Software Synthesiser.

David J Greaves - Research Firsts and Proto Memoirs.

Pocust Patches, Tips and FAQ..

SystemC# - www.systemcsharp.com

TNDJG:008: DRAFT Transactional Design Expression Using Chisel HDL/HCL.

Generic Pipeline Transforms.

General Midi Controller Numbers.

Olwand Wizzy Wand.


Early ATM.

  • 19. FPGA HLS of Custom Arithmetic including Gustafson and Yonemoto's Posit Unum.

    Olbuzz Buzzer Board.

    GPIB Combiner.

    Digital Radio.

    Digipoly Keyboard Synthesiser.

    CBG Elric Monophonic Keyboard Synthesiser.

    MIDI Triggering.

    Leaking Batteries.

    My Active Badge.

    CBG CHAOS old computer.

    CBG Lucydoll: Raw image pictures.

    CBG Broadband Residential Access.

    Quick Guide to Music Business Contracting - DJ Greaves.

    Orangepath Mirror.

    Naturesound Page.

    Caments: Cambridge Entertainments: Cambridge-ents.

    80 Column Punched card.

    Embedded Passive Tuple Space Computation with Pushlogic.


    Compact Disc Mastering.

    HiFi Audio Test CD Discs.


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